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We believe in quality, transparency and dedication to the projects we work on. We carefully choose the projects we work on, and unlike other companies that take on a multitude of concurrent projects, we focus on a handful per quarter. This allows us to support each project to the highest standard of quality and enables us to build long-term partnerships with our clients based on honesty, hard work, trust, performance, and results. Some of the key services we provide include:

Community Buildup

A strong community is often is a key factor behind the long-term success of any project. It is the one thing all the large-caps have in common. It also happens to be a metric that top-tier exchanges pay special attention to whilst evaluating a project for a potential listing.


We know by experience community build up from the grassroots level is a daunting task. However, we at ViraHash have what it takes to nurture and grow a community. Be it Reddit, Twitter, Telegram; we will get your project a solid community backing. Our team will work hard to ensure your project thrives and enjoys the continued support of a loyal community.

Content creation

Producing engaging-content is one of the most important tool for product education and project discovery. However, creating top quality content is a challenging task. It requires deep technical know-how combined with writing skills of a wordsmith (a rare skill in blockchain space). Excellent graphic designing and Video editing skills. We at ViralHash have crafted numerous top-notch content providing real value to our clients.

Social Media Management

Social media has evolved into one of the key focus areas for projects to reach their target audience. Effective strategies need to be deployed to ensure the posts broadcasted from social media handles have a long reach, and that they communicate effectively with their target audience.


One of our articles laced with apt social media management got a project over 13,000 impressions in just three days of the campaign.

Consultancy and Advisory

With the birth of blockchain, many entrepreneurs have set out to build businesses in the crypto space. However, adjusting to the crypto world takes a while, especially if you are coming from traditional business backgrounds. We at ViralHash have been in this space since 2016. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Although we can’t boast of coming from traditional banking backgrounds or being former holders of c-level positions…We however, pride ourselves in devising effective growth strategies. We have advised our clients with several out-of-box strategies that have brought them real value and have contributed immensely to their business growth.
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