About Us

Industry-Leading Blockchain Marketing Expertise

ViralHash is a marketing firm created specifically to help blockchain projects with marketing and growth. We come from computer science background so we do understand the tech. Our team consists of experienced veterans who have previously worked with some of the biggest projects in the crypto space. Our rich experience and expertise of working in the crypto space can be a great asset to bring the attention your project deserves both pre-exchange and post-exchange listings.



We treat each client as if they were our first client. We understand needs and requirements of different clients can be unique which is precisely why prior to starting any work we ask our clients for their requirements and align our work accordingly to achieve these requirements. We think of our client’s successes as a metric of our own success.


Our mission is to accelerate the advent of a world laced with blockchain. We think of blockchain marketing as our way of contributing to the realization of such a world. We believe by helping blockchain startups with their marketing, we are doing our part in accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology. We strongly believe that a world where trust is governed by code rather than the word of mouth is a much fairer world than the world we live in today.


We want ViralHash to emerge as the premier choice for the preferred marketing partner of upcoming blockchain startups. Any good project which is anywhere in the world, we want to help them achieve their business growth and play a part in the fulfillment of their entrepreneurial ambitions.


We at VIRALHASH are looking forward to getting more information on your project and working together